Bar none – it’s the #1 way to get an explosion of sales for you book…


More effective that social media. Facebook ads. AMS ads. You name it…

But – you need your own mailing list.

And a relationship with them that’s been nurtured.

If you don’t have one, close this post, and START building one, right now!

If you have a mailing list, and you want to inform about your latest Kindle book launch – here’s a copy (below) of my personal template I use on the day the discount starts.

The result?

Yep – 329 sales in 24 hours.

This is actually email #2 (below) of my own 4-part series … but, this is a great email to use on launch day.

SUBJECT: Call me crazy, but ..

Yes, maybe I’ve lost my mind.

Whatever the case, it’s happening.

And it’s happening TODAY.

Today, i’m offering my latest book called:


… for JUST 0.99c on Amazon Kindle.

You can grab it right now, here:


Be warned though, this crazy 0.99c offer ENDS in 3 days.

After that, I’m raising the price and will likely NEVER repeat such craziness.

So, if you want to learn [DETAIL WHAT YOUR BOOK WILL TEACH THEM …]

Then jump over to trusty ol’ Amazon and download yourself a copy.

I think (in fact, I know) you’re going like it.

BTW, if you do pick up a copy - I’d love for you to leave a review on Amazon.

I read all my reviews and love getting feedback on my work.

Anyway, I’ll stop harping on.

You’re busy.

I’m busy.

So, that’s a wrap.

New book.


3 days only.

Crazy, yes.

Available to download here:


Talk soon,


This is just one email of hundreds available in my program ‘Instant Author Emails‘.

Here’s what one of our clients said about the very email you see above:

I bought your author emails a couple of weeks ago. Am on the second day of the 99c launcher. Adapted the mails and translated into German and Spanish.

The result: #11 in Time Management in the US, #1 in time Management in Canada and #1 in Business Life in the UK.

Ok I have a list of 4000 people but your mails were crucial for the success. One guy handles the email marketing of a big multinational. He said he never read a better mail than the day 2 mail. “You are busy, I am busy” etc. Thank you so much.

– Mark Reklau

Wesley Atkins
Wesley Atkins

Wesley Atkins is a bestselling author, entrepreneur and consultant. He advises non-fiction authors, experts, coaches, consultants and business owners how to attract more leads and sales to their business with a bestselling book and branded website to attract their ideal customers.