No Data

The ‘No Data Found’ error in KDSPY can occur for several different reasons and is presented when KDSPY cannot find (or read) the data it needs from Amazon.

There are five ways to troubleshoot this error. Please follow the steps below—in order—and after each step, try KDSPY again, as only one of these issues could be the underlying cause.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Perform a hard refresh. If you are unsure how to do a hard refresh, you can find more details here.

2. Clear cache and cookies (all time). First, quit and reopen your browser. Please don’t just close the current browser tab. Fully terminate (quit) the browser you are using and reopen.

3. Ensure the latest version of KDSPY. You can find out what the latest version is by going to our what’s new page. The latest version will be shown at the top of the page. You can then find out the version you are using by “right-clicking” on KDSPY and choosing “Manage Extensions,” where you will find your version number. If you are using an older version, just click the toggle button at the top that says “Developer Tools,” and then you will shown a button that says “Update.” Click that button and KDSPY will update.

4. Ensure the latest version of the browser. KDSPY v5 is constantly being updated and is programmed to be used on the latest version of the browsers; Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, etc. To ensure you are using the latest version of your chosen browser, go to the ‘About’ menu in your browser menu options and if an update is available, please update it.

5. Reduce the number of browser tabs. If you have too many tabs open in your browser, this can significantly reduce the browser resources available for the current (active) tab. The speed at which the current page renders may be too slow to have loaded by the time you click on KDSPY v5. This means KDSPY will not find everything it needs in time.

Walkthrough Video:


If after following the steps above, you are still experiencing this issue—there is a possibility that Amazon may be making changes.

In this case, KDSPY will need to be updated, so we invite you to log a support ticket with the link below.