Location Not Compatible

The location not compatible error occurs when you are NOT following the navigation guidelines as set out in KDSPY tutorials found in your members area.

KDSPY has purposely been programmed to work with a specific set of URL’s within Amazon—the Kindle & books bestsellers.

KDSPY is, therefore, “not compatible” with every single page or location on Amazon. Amazon has tens of millions of pages available, and making KDSPY compatible with them all is simply not feasible, or even necessary.

This does not mean we are missing out on any book(s) data.

It simply means that Amazon has different locations—and URL’s—that is uses to present the same categories. And only one of these structures has been chosen to work with KDSPY.

Namely; one that follows a “consistent” naming convention.

Please watch the video below on how to overcome this error.

Walkthrough Video: