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I've been publishing on Kindle for around 18 months. I'm now consistently earning between $8-10k per month for the last 3-4 months. If it wasn't for KDSPY, I don't know how else I'd be able to find all these profitable niches. I love the bonuses you offer too, especially the Excel ROI tracking spreadsheet that allows us to keep track of the profitability of our books. Thanks so much.

– Sean P.I. Stewart, #1 Bestselling Author,Speaker & Entrepreneur

"It's The Only Software Tool We Use And Recommend For Niche & Keyword Research"

– Mikklesen Twins, Self Published Authors

This levels the playing field in so many ways. Now it's much easier to compete and create a product with more than an educated guess. My wife and I love KS4. It is easy to use and the pdf that goes with it could be sold as a product but it is free. Thanks!

– Anthony Kollar Self Published Author

KDSPY is probably one of the most valuable tools an indie author can utilize. It’s exactly the app I needed to uncover all the info—accurate data, not guesses—on which subgenres sold well and why.

– C.S. Lakin, Novelist, Copyeditor & Writing Coach

Love this software. Someone suggested this and another together, so I bought them both. But I honestly don't see the purpose in using anything but KDSPY. However, as a vocal coach, I now see that is a poorly searched and sold book line, hahahahaha. But, your software will just help me find a better way to approach it.

– Jaime Vendera, Vocal Coach & Self Published Author

"I’m launching a new illustrated kids book series in the next few months and I’m researching all my categories and keywords—as well as examining what other successful authors in my genre are doing—with KDSpy. So far, KDSpy is an incredible tool, far superior to KDP Rocket. There is no comparison."

– Mike Moreu, Childrens Book Illustrator & Author

I've had KDSPY since the first release. It gets better with each new version. This newest release has a couple new features which are very helpful. The ability to research categories, keywors, competition, and to track certain items is invaluable to my publishing. From the first, I have really liked the word cloud feature.

– Kelda Ytterdal, Self Published Author

Really helpful product. I should add that I use it all the time. It's reduced my research time and really helped me hone in on what I want to do. Highly recommended.

– Vikk Simmons, Self Published Author

"I just had to drop everything and send this email to you. You've outdone yourself here. This tool is freaking awesome. I love how it's integrated into the browser so I don't have to remember to use any software on my computer. I've always preferred doing my research ON Amazon, and now I have an assistant with me to tell me what I need to know in seconds. My research used to take hours, not anymore. With one click I can understand the landscape in any category in a matter of seconds ... and then, a book topic idea is given based on the best selling books in that category. All this ... and I'm only 10 seconds in. I'm blown away. Can't wait to see what else you come out with if this is the sort of software you produce."

– Tim Castleman, 4x Bestselling Author

I was fortunate enough to get early access to KDSPY and I have to say, it's awesome. I can now go into Amazon and make far more informed decisions about what book topics to go after. I used to enter niches randomly in the past, KDSPY changed all that.

– Peter Arnott, Self Published Author

 I've had KindleSpy since v1, but didn't use Chrome much back them. Over time, I used KDSPY more and more and with V4 you've really created a fantastic tool. I love the many possibilities – not just for finding niches to publish books in, but also other huge money-making ways that might even beat the publishing ones.

– Britt Malka, Self Published Author

"I use this software for macro-level market research, and choosing categories for rank and traffic for individual titles – it saves hours and hours over the way I had to do it before, and makes testing new markets a breeze."

– Liz Hope Thompson, Self Publishing Author

"Wesley, Just wanted to let you know that KDSPY is my new favorite tool for Kindle research - it blows everything else away! It's lightning fast and super-simple to use. I've been using it the last few days..and all I can say is I wish I had this years ago. Great work!"

– Ed Lewis, Self Published Author

I feel like a kid in a candy store. This product is a Godsend. I have a book on Kindle and after using KindleSpy, I can see now why it's not selling as I thought it would. I have already gotten ideas for my next books. I can't put in words the excitement. It has truly taken the guess work out of publishing on Amazon.

M. Lashall Fitz, Self Published Author

"It's an amazing tool and I want to thank you for helping authors navigate the crazy world of Amazon keywords and stats! I can't live without it."

– Karin De Havin, Self Published Author

"There's so much to learn in this field but this software reduces research time to a minimum."

– Sherry Vaught Everett, Self Published Author

"I  used KDSPY to create over 400 bestselling authors."

Rebecca Hamilton

NY Times, USA Today & Wall St.
Journal Bestselling Fiction Author

New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author; Rebecca Hamilton, always had a knack for marketing. 

However, she used to spend countless hours on market research for herself and hundreds of her author clients. 

Then she found KDSPY – and that took out all the guesswork and freed up more time for her to focus on other areas of her career. Using KDSPY, she was able to help over 400 of her author clients hit ‘New York Times’ and ‘USA Today’ bestseller lists.

"Now nearly every book I publish is a bestseller."

“KDSPY is hands-down the most valuable software I have right now for my kindle business. I have been publishing books on Amazon for since last fall, but things never really took off until I started using Kindle Spy. This software made it so easy for me to quickly see profitable niche markets in my areas of interest and now nearly every book I publish is a bestseller! In the next few months, I will be making enough money to finally quit my day job – yahoo! I actually use KDSPY for more than just finding profitable niches to write books on. I also use it to follow my own books. I use it to see, at a glance, how my own books are doing, so that I can gear my marketing efforts towards the ones that need it, and celebrate the ones that don’t. Honestly, as a publisher, writer, and business owner, KDSPY is the first thing I check every morning and the last thing I check every night.”

Barb Asselin

College Professor & #1 Bestselling Author

"I used KDSPY to choose books that sold well in Kindle before I would narrate them for Audible."

I used KDSPY to choose books that sold well in Kindle before I would narrate them for Audible. I get a percentage book sales, so it HAS to be selling or I waste my time. I could narrate 1,000 books easily and not sell 20 copies. It's only by choosing winners that I can make money with. I have authors now who come to me who I know are winning writers, but back in the day, your software was the only tool I had that steered me to projects that would sell and earn me royalties.

Jeff  Peterson

Audible Narrator

"KDSPY cuts out all the legwork."

Ntatu Allen

Yoga & Meditation Teacher / Author

I am quite new to Kindle and found it quite difficult to understand how to do proper research and understand what categories to focus my energy in. KDSPY cuts out all the legwork and in a matter of seconds you get a complete and detailed spreadsheet with up to the minute average sales revenue, amazon best sellers rank, number of reviews and total revenue for your chosen niche. It's invaluable and certainly opened my eyes to the untapped potential awaiting kindle publishers. Another plus is the "word cloud" feature of the top keyword in the titles per niche. That alone is a goldmine and we all know the power of a popular eye catching title! However, despite all these features and benefits, Wesley's constant hands-on backup support in answering any queries I had about using KDSPY and his willingness to listen to feedback sets this product apart from others I have brought. If you are looking to grow and rapidly expand your Kindle publishing empire, KDSPY will get you there faster.

"Love the Kindle Spy software to help me see trends in the industry"

Love the Kindle Spy software to help me see trends in the industry, as well as verify how I am doing, in a snapshot graph, compared to other authors in my genre. I also use it when I'm contacted by authors I don't know, or when I want to learn about what successes others are having that I can learn from.

Sharon Hamilton

NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Fiction Author

"One of the best tools an author can have in their toolbox"

One of the best tools an author can have in their toolbox for finding the right category to get ranked in, identifying keywords and tracking your books and those of other authors for sales ranking!

Lise Cartwright

Author, Writer & Coach

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