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What’s New in KDSPY

Find below –– the changelog for KDSPY. Which includes the latest updates, bug fixes, and new features. If you notice any issues, please log them here.

Latest Update:

24th July 2020 (v 5.5.5) –– Date hover functionality fix.

24th July 2020 (v 5.5.4) –– Display fix on book tracking page.

24th July 2020 (v 5.5.3) –– Prevention of text wrapping display issue.

Previous Update(s):

22nd July 2020 (v 5.5.2) –– Display fix on book tracking page.
18th July 2020 (v 5.5.1) –– Book format column added to export.
17th July 2020 (v 5.5.0) –– Export Bug fix on Italian keyword results.
7th July 2020 (v 5.4.9) –– Bug fix on some Italian keyword results not showing number of reviews.
7th July 2020 (v 5.4.8) –– Display fix on error screens.
7th July 2020 (v 5.4.7) –– Internal help & support links updated.
7th July 2020 (v 5.4.6) –– Avg. Monthly revenue added to keyword suggestion exports.
7th July 2020 (v 5.4.5) –– Additional rules added for price capture.
18th June 2020 (v 5.4.4) –– Bug fix on some Paperback prices on author pages.
18th June 2020 (v 5.4.4) –– Bug fix on Keyword results export not displaying pulled revenue
17th June 2020 (v 5.4.3) –– Bug fix with Amazon A-Z Keyword suggestions not showing.
16th June 2020 (v 5.4.2) –– Bug fix with Paperback book(s) not displaying prices correctly.
15th June 2020 (v 5.4.1) –– Code update in line with new CORS policy by Google.
31st May 2020 (v 5.4.0) –– Added new notifications screen post install & update notification bar.
28th May 2020 (v 5.3.9) –– Bug fix on author pages not showing checkbox outlier removal.
26th May 2020 (v 5.3.8) –– Bug fix on new releases (categories) not showing red “I” information tip.
24th May 2020 (v 5.3.7) –– Bug fix for distorted German search results.
22nd May 2020 (v 5.3.6) –– New feature on Keyword results with red “I” information tip screen.
18th May 2020 (v 5.3.5) –– Traffic light algorithm improvements on Keyword results.