The Battle for ATTENTION on Amazon … (Book Marketing Manifesto)

Publishing – in the age of Amazon – has changed, drastically. The digital landscape has given rise to the self-published author. Those that adapt to the new rules can “thrive” on nothing more than a laptop, a small budget, and a little hustle.

Those stuck in the traditional publishing mindset, will continue to struggle –– and get squashed with increasing fees, lower visibility and reduced royalties.

Labelling yourself as (just) an “author”, will no longer cut it.

You’re a creator.

And creators – in this digital age – need to understand marketing to be seen and sell more of their work.

Those who adapt, learn and understand marketing will thrive.

In truth – marketing has a bad rap … which is why it’s frowned upon by many creatives, authors and publishers. The very word brings in images of slick coercion, and attempts to manipulate people from their money.

That’s not marketing…

Marketing is about EMPATHY.

Understanding the “deep” emotional needs, wants, desires and problems of your audience (reader) should be your number one priority in any business. In our little self publishing world – the side effects are many. One of which leads to better books, more focused on the reader…

Producing better reviews, word-of-mouth referrals … and happy readers. (woot woot!).

That’s why we’re creatives.

To make a difference…

To offer VALUE to the world…

Somehow though, we’ve forgotten the missing element in effectively getting the word out about our work and making a sustainable living…

And –– it all starts with EMPATHY.

That’s why KDSPY was created.

KDSPY is a market intelligence tool to understand what’s selling – on Amazon – RIGHT NOW. It gives you the tools and understanding to make better marketing decisions for your business –– at lightening speed.

This blog was created to fill the obvious gap.

The gap that’s created when you’re a helpless beginner…


When competition expands, and you’re left scratching you head wondering how to grow – and even maintain – your book sales.

The 800lb gorilla, Amazon, shows no signs of slowing down. With over 30 million books available on Amazon it can be challenging (and “frustrating”) to get your work NOTICED.

Well, there’s just a few simple principles you need to understand…

If –– in this noisy, “distracted” world –– you want any chance…

To CAPTURE (and “maintain”) the
ATTENTION of your target readers

But gaining attention without FIRST adopting empathy with your readers … is like climbing Mount Everest with a lung infection.

(ie: near on impossible).

Companies spend billions of dollars to bombard capture and maintain your attention every day. It’s no wonder – as a society – we’re stressed, overwhelmed, and find “focus” to be a struggle sometimes.

ATTENTION is the key.

Yours is under attack – and so are your potential readers.

How you stand out from your competitors and capture the attention of your audience (readers) is why I created this blog.

To share our “insights” on marketing…

And how you can sell more books, products and services.

The better you understand them, the more they will resonate with you –– giving your work the recognition and sales it deserves.

Look around –– check out our blog archives, and if you’re a self-publishing newbie or looking for a jump start on niche selection, we’ve got you covered there, too.

I have you enjoy your stay.