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How To Find Profitable (Non-Fiction) Book Ideas In 60 Mins Or Less

Download this 3-step blueprint before you ever think about writing a 'non-fiction' Kindle book. *Doing so may lead to side effects such as – bestseller status, mass attention, raving fans & "consistent" book sales. Just saying...

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About Wesley

Wesley Atkins is the CEO of Publishing Altitude and creator of the "Bestselling Book Ideas Blueprint" for Non-Fiction authors. Wesley is the founder of the leading market research software for publishers and indies called; KDSPY, with over 16,500 users in 21 countries – including hundreds of NY Times & Wall St. Journal bestselling authors.

Wesley is also a consultant that advises experts, coaches, and self-published authors on using Qualitative Analysis to gain deeper insights on their target audience – allowing for improved relevance, increased sales, and loyal customers that rave about and recommend their books, products and services.

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Your Non-Fiction 'Bestselling Book Ideas' Blueprint Is a Step-by-Step Mindmap & PDF Walkthrough Showing You...

How to align your interests with a bestselling book idea – even if you're stuck, have no skills to speak of, and still haven't discovered your passion.

The 3 rookie mistakes made by newbie 'non-fiction' authors when researching profitable niche markets – and what to do instead to gain clarity and confidence in your idea.

My R.C.I. process for quickly and easily outlining your book – leading to maximum impact with your readers – and ZERO 'blank page blues' during the writing process.

The #1 secret (your competitors are not doing) to find and get inside the mind of your target readers and provide *exactly* what they want – leading to consistent sales and rave reviews.

And much much more...

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