Important Update: 20th May, 2021.

Audiobooks Integration

Please pay close attention to the two short videos below. Both are important.

Step 1:

Learn what's new in KDSPY w/ Audiobooks Integration

Due to popular demand – for the last 3 weeks – my developer has been working on fully integrating audio-books support into KDSPY. On 20th May 2021, we rolled out this new integration, which is now available to all users. Before I go through all re-record all the tutorials in line with this new update, which will take some time, I wanted to introduce existing members to what they can expect.

So, please watch the video below, in full, to understand how this new audiobooks integration works, and where you can expect the see the changes throughout the KDSPY interface. 

Please click here to ENLARGE the video 

Step 2:

How to ensure you get the updated KDSPY

NOTE: This Video (below) is for Google Chrome & Brave users ONLY. Mozilla Firefox users will receive the update without any issues.

Unfortunately, 50% of existing users will NOT get the updated version. This is due to the fact that Google de-listed KDSPY two weeks ago for a breach of terms. This breach was due to having multiple listings of KDSPY, which we used as a safeguard for rolling out changes. After six years of operating this way without any issues, Google all of a sudden decides this is a breach of their terms. Only one listing was ever LIVE on their Chrome web store, while the others were private listings that we used to house members.

Anyhow, it is what it is –– the downside is YOU MAY need to reinstall. The video below will help you identify if you fall into that category, and also how to ensure you don't lose any tracking data for books you are monitoring when you reinstall the new version. Please watch it, in full.

Please click here to ENLARGE the video 

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