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RE: The 3-Step Framework for researching Kindle niches.
Wednesday, 14:04pm

As a way to overdeliver to my customers, I decided to sit down and put together some cheat sheets for Kindle publishing.

No charge.

No shenanigans.

Gratis, of yours truly.

What you are reading on this page is Issue #1 – a FREE gift for stopping by.

In these “cheat sheets” my aim is to give you an unfair advantage against other self-published authors in obtaining more sales, and ultimately larger royalties for your publishing efforts.

After publishing on Amazon Kindle for over 2 years now, I’ve learned some harsh lessons. Lessons that cost me a lot of money in trial and error.

These cheat sheets will aim to cut that learning curve for you and just “hand deliver” the golden nuggets that I’ve learnt the hard way in the last 24 months.


Let’s boogie ...

What better place to start too, than at the beginning, by talking about market research.

Ok … I can hear ya’ y-a-w-n-i-n-g already. Bear with though, because … Niche Selection Is ...

The No.1 Determining Factor To Your
Success With Self Publishing

It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about Kindle, Createspace or information product marketing.

If you choose the wrong niche – you’re hosed!


And it’s the main reason I decided to make my life easier when it came to niche research by developing KindleSpy.

KindleSpy cut my research time by a factor of x30.

Now, in just a couple clicks, I know what book topic I should investigate further … and which to avoid. A little more research in Amazon’s search marketplace and after around 5 minutes ...

... I’ve nailed my next book topic.

Here’s the process I go through, step by step:

First, I’ll navigate to a category to start my research, let’s choose …

Health, Fitness & Dieting > Beauty & Fashion

I’ll pull the results from KindleSpy, and we’re faced with this;

I’ll then look at the SalesRank on the right hand side, I’m looking for the first 20 (preferably 40) results to be under 30,000.

This instantly tells me the answer, to the No.1 question on my mind whenever researching a broad category, and that is …

Are There Buyers In This Category?

The great thing about KindleSpy is, you don’t even have to rely on the SalesRank anymore and wonder how profitable it could be.

… it’s already worked out for you.

The estimated sales and sales revenue for the next 30 days is given to you, right on the same screen.

The screenshot above shows all 20 books in this category have an average sales revenue of $1,590 … and at 70% royalty on anything above $2.99 you manage to get into the top of this category …

… you’d be looking at a passive income of just over $13,300 per annum from a single book.

Not bad, eh?

Even by pulling 40 results our average sales revenue is still at $1,164, giving you a 70% royalty figure of $9,777 per annum -- not to ‘shabby’ at all.

So, what’s next?

Ok, so we’ve figured out there are buyers in this category. Obviously, people are interested in not only looking after their health, but their looks too.

Makes sense, right?

And our average sales rank across the top 40 results, is healthy too. There’s healthy sales revenue spread nicely over a bunch of books and not just a handful. There’s plenty of reviews on these books (… another sign of a healthy market) and if we’re to get a book in the top 40, we’d be looking at an average passive income of $9,777 per annum from a single book here.

Assuming you could maintain a top 40 position, consistently.

Not easy. But not impossible either. Especially when you learn about the ninja tactics on leveraging Amazon, correctly.

Sure … you may think you know about how to do KDP Select promotions to get downloads, leading to a bump in sales … but, stick with me in this series and I’ll reveal the (evil) KDP leveraging secrets.

Secrets that allow me to get results, like this …

Anyhoo … movin’ on.

The next question we need to ask ourselves … once we’re happy with a category is …

“What Topic Can I Write About
Here –– That Will Actually Sell?”

And KindleSpy has you covered, again.

A single click into the Word Cloud, reveals the below:

What does this mean, exactly?

Ok … let’s take a step back.

From our research we determined that the top 40 books here were making an income we’d likely be happy with.

Well … what better way to get a piece of the action here than to reverse engineer books in this category, and look for any patterns of similar topics.

Very quickly we can see that the top 5 words in use in the best seller titles of books in the Beauty & Fashion category, consist of:


With me so far?

Now, what I like to do is spend a little time brainstorming potential hooks that will appeal to the audience, for instance …

* 20 Body Milk Recipes That Your Skin Will Thank You For
* How To Make Luxurious Body Butter & Get Skin Smooth As Silk
* 25 Body Butter Recipes For Softer, Smoother More Supple Skin

Not bad.

They literally took me 10 seconds to craft, and I could run with them … but often I like to do some searches on Amazon to back-up my chosen topics.

For instance, I may type into the search field:

… and, taking a look at the export from our initial word cloud research, I noticed the 6th word in use in the best seller titles was – homemade.

That would make a great seed word too … so, let’s see what Amazon tells us is popular based on their search suggestions;

Now, I could use KindleSpy again on every search term that Amazon suggests and research further and further to narrow my topic.

But for the sake of multiple screenshots in this report.

I’ll dig into; homemade soap

Now … what we’re looking to do here is add a 2nd layer of confidence to our chosen topic by finding a handful of books performing well.

Under 30k for instance.

I sorted the search results in KindleSpy by SalesRank and we can see the top 10 results are all under 30k … and the first 5 or so, are selling really well, with some nice sales revenue.

I export the data for the first 20 results and see that butter is mentioned multiple times in these titles, so I’m just going to stick with this for now.

After a little modelling of the best seller titles, I come up with …

25 Homemade Body Butter Recipes, Scrubs &
Masks For Softer, Smoother, More Supple Skin!

That’s one.

But, what I generally do is come up with multiple titles in a niche, so now I could craft one for soap making with the same process.

Understand this though …

Crafting "compelling titles" is not something to take lightly or rush into, just to get the book out there.

No way Jose’.

Lemme explain …

You want to grab your market by the Cojones. You want to make it (uber) compelling. You want them salivating to choose your book over your competition … and that is done, with a captivating title.

Sure … this is easier said that done, and it comes a little easier to me as I’ve studied copywriting and understand how to write compelling hooks … but, I’m here to give you my secrets, so to get you up to speed, I’ve got a resource you’ll want to invest in.

More below. Anyhoo …

Back to hooks.

A hook is one of the most important things that will get your Kindle book the attention (and sales) is deserves … in my opinion (and I’m right) … it’s more important than the cover itself.

Craft a compelling title and a hook that resonates (hit’s your market between the eyes) and you have the ingredients for a hot selling book.

As much as I would love to delve into the ‘whole enchilada’ of how to craft compelling hooks, I wouldn’t do it justice compared to what’s already available … and I’d be doing you a dis-service if I didn’t introduce you to a book by Derek Doepker on the subject.

That's all for now.

In the next issue, we're going to cover ...

How to Tap Into the Minds of Your Prospects
& Find Out Exactly What They Want To Buy

Listen up.

This is critical.

If you can give your customers (exactly) what they’re looking for … and solve a problem for them … and do it quicker, easier and more to the point than your competitors.

You’ll create raving fans.

Raving fans talk about you and your products to their friends.

Raving fans promote your book online … and raving fans (exponentially) grow your business.

Incase you need me to spell it out again … Create raving fans.

Not junk from rehashed PLR material, or books created on Fiverr. If that’s what you want to do … hit the delete key on these PDF’s and move onto the next shiny (kindle) object.

If, however, you want to create a real (sustainable) business on Kindle and deliver value to peoples lives and create an ever increasing ‘passive-income’ for yourself …

You’re in the right place.

More to come.

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